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ProjectsSave and organize your content
Generation queuesQueue your photos for processing, up to 200 photos in the queue
My websitesControl websites that are allowed to integrate with your content
Unlimited usageUse as much as you need (fair use policy applies)

*fair use policy applied

Available in Essentials Plan


Meta DescriptionA tool to generate a perfect Meta Description for your website.
Business BenefitsWhat are the benefits of this product for a business?
Marketing IdeasA user-friendly platform that provides businesses with a variety of marketing ideas tailored to their target market.
Product Category DescriptionThis AI model will provide you a description for your category product. Just review it and use it on your webshop.
Product DescriptionThis AI model will create a description for you based on the details about the product you give.
Summarize ReviewsA tool to generate some possible improvements to the product based on the existing product reviews
Webinar ContentsWhat contents should our webinars include? Trained on webinar agendas.
Webinar IdeasWebinar ideas for any topic. Trained on popular webinar topics.
Website CopyCreate a copy for any section of your website
Website Copy TitleCreate original and unique titles for copy sections of your website


Business Photo IdeasIllustration and photo ideas with a business angle
Change BackgroundGenerate new background to your photo with natural language
Change Background V2Generate new background to your photo with natural language version 2
Change Background V3Generate new background to your photo with natural language version 3
New PhotoGenerate original, realistic images and art from natural language
Photo ideasIllustration and photo ideas with a creative angle. Trained on scroll-stopping ad photos.
New Photo v2Generate original, realistic images and art from natural language version 2
Remove BackgroundRemove background of your photo


Available in Pro Plan

Everything in Essentials, plus:


Bullet PointsA powerful tool to help you organize your thoughts and ideas into concise and effective notes.
KeywordsA tool that can help you come up with new and unique keywords for your topic.
ListsA tool to generate a list of things relate to your topic.
Naming IdeasA naming generator that can help you come up with unique and creative names for your business, product or brand.
QuestionsA tool that can help you generate questions for any topic imaginable and discussion starters.
Startup IdeasA startup ideas generator that can help you come up with new and innovative and unique ideas for your business.



Brand MissionA tool that support you through the process of creating a brand mission statement that is authentic, clear and inspiring.
Brand VoiceA powerful tool that can help you create a unique and consistent voice for your brand.
Company DescriptionA tool that helps you create unique and impressive company descriptions.
Company NameThis AI model suggest you some company names. The more information you provide, the better results you get.
Domain NameProvide few information and to get some available domain names for your business. Trained on common domain name formats. The tool will check if .com is free.
Slogan V2Create slogans and taglines


Decline MailThis AI model will write a polite decline email for you
Email ComposerWith the Email Generator, you can easily create custom email for your business or personal use.
Email ResponseThis AI model will generate an appropriate response email
Predict MessageSystem predict user reply with your original email or message base on relation and context
Sales EmailA powerful Sales Email Generator that enables you to quickly craft professional emails to engage potential customers.

Expert Tools

Brainstorm ActionsA powerful tool for generating vast amounts of creative ideas and solutions for any problemk, also generate groundbreaking ideas.
ClassificationA tool designed to easily and quickly generate labels and categories for any given idea. It allows users to input a concept and receive a set of labels and categories that can be used to classify the idea.
Critical AnalysisA tool to write a list of key points in the essay with some critical evaluation of each. Focus on constructing a thorough evaluation and deconstruction of the argument presented. Describe the points in your own words.
Ethics IssuesA tool to write a list of moral and ethical questions an observer would ask about a passage.
Extract InformationA power tool to read an article and extract information smartly by answering the questions.
Find CounterpointsFind Counterpoints Generator is a powerful tool that allows users to quickly identify and evaluate opposing points of view on any given topic. With this generator, users can quickly identify counterpoints and create their own arguments in support of their own position.
Job Market PredictionA sophisticated Job Market Prediction Generator that leverages predictive algorithms and machine learning to identify potential job openings in your area.
Main IdeaA tool to generate the main ideas from a content.
Occupation InfoOccupation Info Generator: A comprehensive database of employment information, including job titles, job descriptions, job duties, skills needed, and educational requirements. This tool is designed to help job seekers find the perfect job for their skills and experience.
Prerequisite KnowledgeA tool for identifying and assessing the specific knowledge, skills, and abilities that are needed for a particular job, course of study, or other activity.
Reasoning CheckA tool to write a summary and critical assessment of the argument. Most of the essay in your own words.
ReasonsA Reasons Generator that provides users with the resources to develop well-structured explanations on any topic. It contains a vast array of customizable templates and suggestions to ensure that each response is tailored to the user’s specific needs.
Short SummaryGenerate a short summare from the give contents.
Summarize ChatSummarize Chat Generator utilizes natural language processing and machine learning techniques to quickly and accurately analyze chat transcripts and generate concise summaries.
Meeting Summary
Word ExplanationA system that provides a comprehensive and accurate description of the meaning of any given word.


Birthday CardA birthday word generator that makes it easy to create beautiful, heartfelt messages for your friends and family.
Love LetterThis tool is a perfect way to express your feelings of love and affection.
Sarcastic AnswersAn innovative way to respond to everyday conversations with a humorous twist.
Thank You NoteA tool that allows you to create custom thank you notes for any occasion.
What My Parents DoA tool to generate description for a child about his/her parents job which use the simple words a child can understand.

Human Resources

Job DescriptionThis AI model will create a job description that you can use to advertise a job offer.
Summarize JobA tool to generate summarize as a professional recruiter opinion from the job advertisement content.
Talent Acquisition EmailDesign custom recruitment emails tailored to your needs with this powerful generator tool.

Mock Data for testing

Company Info TestA tool that can help you quickly create detailed and accurate personas for your testing needs.
Person Info TestA tool that can help you quickly create detailed and accurate personas for your testing needs.


C Sharp Method
C Sharp Unit Test
Javascript Function
PHP Function
Python Function
WP Plugin Template

Social Media

Facebook Ads HeadlineA powerful tool that can help you create attention-grabbing headlines for your ads.
Facebook Ads Primary TextA powerful tool that can help you create compelling and effective Facebook Ads Primary Text.
Google Ads DescriptionA tool that helps you create compelling and unique ad descriptions for a successful advertising campaigns.
Google Ads HeadlineA powerful tool that can easily create attention-grabbing headlines that will help you get more clicks and conversions.
HashtagifyA tool that can help you come up with hashtags for your content in a matter of seconds.
Instagram CaptionsA tool to generate attention-grabbing captions in seconds.
LinkedIn Ads CopyA perfect tool for creating creative and effective ad copy for your business.
LinkedIn SegueWrite the middle of a social media post. Trained on Linkedin Post data.
Personal Life StoryWrite a personal life story based on key points. Trained on viral LinkedIn story posts.
Social Ad in 1st PersonSocial ads trained on social media ads written in the 1st person
Viral IdeasCreate ideas for viral professional content for TikTok and other fast-paced social media. Trained on viral business content from TikTok.
Youtube IdeasViral Youtube ideas, trained on viral youtube trends


AnalogiesAn Analogies Generator is a tool that allows users to explore and analyze the relationships between words and concepts by creating analogies.
Back StoryA powerful tool to generate the interesting stories from the given character profile.
Blog IntroA tool for creating attention-grabbing introductions for your blog posts.
Blog OutlineA simple, yet effective tool for creating outlines for your blog posts.
Blog Post IdeaA tool that can help you come up with ideas for blog posts that are both unique and interesting.
Blog TitleAn amazing tool that can help you come up with creative and unique blog titles for your next blog post.
Cover LetterA cover letter generator that can make your job application process easier by creating a professional and customized cover letter.
Blog ContentA generator that provides you with endless possibilities for creative content.
DescriptionsA user-friendly description maker that can help you generate amazing descriptions within seconds.
Interview QuestionA simple yet powerful resource that helps employers to prepare for job interviews and make sure they are asking the right questions to identify the best candidate for the job.
Professional Bullet PointsAutomatically generate meaningful bullet points with one click.
Related TopicsA powerful search engine that assists users in finding related topics quickly and efficiently. It utilizes advanced algorithms to extract the most relevant topics from the search query.
Rewrite StyleA tool that can help you save time and effort. With its powerful features, you can generate fresh, unique content in a matter of minutes.
Simple TranslationA user-friendly translation generator that can help you translate any text into your desired language in just a few seconds.
Summarize ParagraphA powerful tool that can help you summarize paragraph quickly and easily.
Synonym FinderFind synonyms and other words approximately meaning the same thing
Table of ContentsAI will create a table of contents for the provided topic




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