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E-commerce is about content: exciting new products, inprising successs stories, beautiful product photos and guides which will help users find the ideal products. That is what we do.

Typical e-commerce managers know the points to improve. It just does not get done due to hundreds or thousands of products, short lifecycle and seasonality of products and the many challenges of writing inspiring product texsts.
That is where druid.ai can help!

Typical mistakes of a product page

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Watch video below to learn more about our features for product content and content for A/B testing.

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Ideal product descriptions are benefit driven and provide use cases in a storified format. The product page should also include a summary as bullet points for quick review.

Product Description tool helps you write product descriptions in 4 different styles. Your own styles can be trained as well.

While our tools are trained for best impact, the best way is to test which variant works best for your clients and your products.

This process is called A/B testing. Most platforms support A/B testing. With druid.ai you can easily create variations to test.

SEO brainstorming tools to find the correct keywords and topics for high Search Engine Rankings.

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Increase SEO .

SEO brainstorming tools to find the correct keywords and topics for high Search Engine Rankings.

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Write multilingual product descriptions with druid.ai. Provide technical specification or existing product description in any language. Druid.ai will then write the product description in the target language – edited for style, not as a direct and literal translation.

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Learn more about our tools for writers by download the PDF guide “How To Write a Blog Post with A.I.

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Increasing customer happiness is the way to increased profits. E-commerce is about helping customers find the most suitable product. Often it is a better version – this is called upselling. Sometimes they need additional supplies or other products for the same case. This is called cross-selling.

The most important part of profits is the ability to serve clients over the longterm.

Our tools provide multiple methods for helping customer find the most suitable products. For example, use our blog tools for writing product guides.

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